Clear Braces

Clear Braces

Do you look at your smile in the mirror and feel that your teeth aren't aligned properly? This oral issue is called malocclusion and is one of the most common oral conditions among individuals of all age groups. When you visit a dentist to get it diagnosed, they would usually suggest dental braces to realign the teeth in the right way. But, would you be comfortable using metal braces that are too apparent? Are you too concerned that your smile would be ruined during the treatment period if you wear metal braces? We have just the perfect solution to this issue!

Clear braces to the rescue

Conventional braces are a combination of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are placed on the teeth and secured using dental adhesives. The wires are run through them and help the brackets apply forces on the teeth in a specific direction. This allows the teeth to be moved as required to get rid of the malocclusion. However, due to the metallic appearance, they could be too apparent when you smile. This can make you feel too conscious of your appearance while interacting with people.

To counter this issue, dental technology has come up with a special advancement that allows you to use braces while still having a beautiful smile. We would like to present clear braces, ones that are hardly visible. They are made from clear plastic that stays under disguise during the treatment and wouldn't affect your smile. However, they aren't completely invisible as people would be able to notice them if they take a closer look.

Advantages of choosing clear braces

  • The brackets are made from transparent plastic. This allows them to stay in disguise during the treatment period and avoid easy detection.
  • Clear braces are just as good as conventional braces in terms of functionality. They can be used to treat some of the most complicated types of malocclusion.
  • Since clear braces have smaller brackets, they do not require a large number of adhesives to be used for bonding. Also, they do not leave white spots on the surface of the teeth after being removed.
  • The wires used in the braces can be customized to resemble the color of the enamel.

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